Review of LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray

After dabbling in photography for a few years, I finally decided to up my game and invest in professional quality photography equipment. While photography is not my full time job, it has become a hobby I am passionate about and I want my photos to reflect that.

I had been shooting with a DSLR and while I was happy with the images I got with that camera, I longed for more control over the light, composition and camera in general. After much research, numerous visits to online forums used by professional and hobbyist photographers, and comparison shopping, I decided to invest in my hobby and my art by buying a Lytro Illum.

LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray


I will openly and candidly admit that the price tag of the Lytro Illum is steep ( I got mine in Singapore, beautiful place ), but it is well worth the investment. In fact, when I realized how much I could do with just this one camera, the price tag was less daunting. I knew this one camera could give me everything I wanted and needed, so I made the investment and am so happy I did.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

One of the biggest reason I love this camera so much is because of its ability to harness the light. Lighting can make a major impact on the feel, theme, and quality of photography and with my DSLR, I had limited options. With the Lytro, I can capture the light within the frame and manipulate perspective, dimensions and focal points.

The ability to harness the light is all thanks to the high tech, cutting edge sensor. This sensor is a 40 mega ray, patented customized sensor that gives me the ability to capture intensity, color and even the direction of the light in my photographs.

With this sensor, I can take pictures that really create a feeling, a specific mood, or capture time and tell a story the viewer can really feel, see and experience. This camera has allowed me to take my photography from two dimensional to three dimensional, full of life, interest, light, color and depth.

One Lens To Capture Them All

Another great feature of my new Lytro is the lens. With my old camera, I needed to changes lenses for different shoot sets, ranges and lighting. While it was not the worst thing in the world, lugging around all that equipment and making sure everything I needed was packed for each shoot was a bit tiresome. With this camera, all I need is one incredibly light weight lens and I can shoot anything, anytime and anywhere.

Knowing that I have the right lens no matter what the situation, lighting or subject is gives me complete freedom and flexibility to capture images in an instant. I never worry I’ll miss the shot because I have to change out my lens or that the shot might not be clear because I was too close or too far away.

With the Lyrto lens, every shot I take is perfectly clear and beautifully lit and the hassle of schlepping bags of lenses and accessories is nothing but a memory. Convenient, powerful and versatile, the single lens Lytro gives me the ability to capture images like never before with no limits, no need for numerous lenses and with confidence.

LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray

LYTRO ILLUM 40 Megaray

Control At my Fingertips

Another great feature of this camera is its ease of use. The Lytro features a large, four inch state of the art touchscreen for total control. With just a touch of the screen, you can compose and adjust pictures to create the image you want.

The large touchscreen makes it easy to control your camera and its settings and viewing on such a clear, large screen really enables me to compose exactly the look that I want and to see what the images I capture will look like before I shoot.

The touchscreen displays my images in real time, with great clarity so I can see instantly what I have captured and preview shots before I snap them making it easier than ever before to walk away from a shoot with great photos.

Easy Connectivity And Editing

This camera connects easily to all my WiFi devices and has a SD card, a tripod mount and an external shutter release port to make sharing photos, set up and take down easy for each shoot.

Additionally, this camera has a variety of simple to use desktop tools I use to edit and refine my pictures. Even after the photo has been snapped, I can refocus, zoom in or out, change the perspective or even the depth of field to create the exact image and feeling I want. I can even use the desktop tools to turn my images into full motion, dynamic animations I can enjoy on my desktop or mobile device.

My passion for photography has been a constant for the past few years, and I have truly enjoyed living life through the lens. With my new Lytro Illum, my passions have been reignited with the new creative and editing possibilities this light weight, amazingly advanced camera offers. While it was a hefty initial financial investment, it has been worth every penny in terms of performance, quality and ease of use.

I also feel confident in my investment because I know my Lytro is a high quality tool I can and will use for years to come. Investing in a professional quality piece of photography equipment has helped me hone my skills and compile a portfolio of work that allows others to see the world through my eyes.

If you are interested in advancing your photography and taking it to the next level, I highly recommend you look into purchasing the Lytro. Once you experience its unrivaled ability to capture light, create three dimensional images and ease of use, you will understand why this camera has become my most beloved and prized possession.

Visit your local camera specialty store or go online to find out more about the Lytro and see if it is right for you.

Tip: The LYTRO ILLUM is due to be released on 20th August 2014 in the US. Get $100 off if you pre-order it now at Amazon.

Edit: Now Available at Amazon.