4 Power Poses That Will Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Feeling over the edge for your upcoming project presentation in class or an important meeting/presentation in the office? Don’t let your nerves take over your spotlight and keep your composure at ease.

People surely have given you countless advice on how to remain calm and confident whenever in these situations. Among those are: breathing technique, practice weeks or days before the actual presentation, move around and get comfortable on the stage and stand straight.

Why do people advice you to stand straight or to keep your stance firm? To appear that you are confident despite the nervousness inside you. It is an instant confidence booster.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy gave a powerful talk on TEDglobal 2012 regarding the effects and science behind ‘Power Posing’.

As a speaker and/or presenter, preparation is key any upcoming presentations and the more to come. Here are a few high power poses to instantly hack your confidence and build it up within minutes.

1. The Obama

How: Feet at rest on the table, leaned back and hands over the back of the head.
If you’re still wondering why this one is called “The Obama” power pose, try searching “Obama feet on desk” on google images and a handful photos of Obama doing this power pose will surface.

This is certainly not fit for everyone and in every setting. This is best recommended to be practiced on your own desk, in your own office; just like President Obama in the photo above. Cuddy expresses in her talk that this power pose urges you to take more risks and speak aloud your next “Big Idea”.

2. The Wonder Woman

How: Literally stand like Wonder Woman: Feet hip-width apart, hands placed on the hips and chest puffed out.
Now, this power posture can be used in any setting. For instance, you and your supervisor or coworker are waiting for the elevator. You can practice this pose while coming up with a good ice breaker such as “How was your week?” or a quick talk about the weather.

This high-power pose is a good posture to mediate your anxiety and nerves. A quick and simple puff on the chest, chin up, hands planted on the hips while feet are apart can trick your mind into feeling bigger and capable of freely speaking your mind.

3. The Loomer

How: Lean forward while your hands are firmly planted on the table.
After a presentation or proposal of sorts, a firm way to illustrate dominance, intimidation and power is to lean forward while your hands are placed in the table.

This is especially great for women since men have always been perceived as superior than women, this power posture helps women to own their space and dominance in the room regardless of gender and hierarchy.

4. Stand Straight and Keep Your Power Stance

Keeping an open and expansive posture whenever necessary: during meetings, presentations, deal arrangements, workshops, talks and seminars, and the works; is advantageous to your overall self-esteem and performance. Improving your non verbals has great effects unconsciously on your part.

So, continue on retaining power poses to exhibit confidence especially when you’re anxious and nervous. By doing so, you are tricking your mind into acting empowered.

Not only does our non verbals affect the people around us, but more importantly affects ourselves. You don’t just put hands on your waist and stand like a superhero to make you look confident in front of your audience. You do it for yourself as well, somehow it gives you the illusion of having the upper hand in the situation. There’s scientific evidence provided to support this study in Amy Cuddy’s 2012 TED talk video.

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