5 Effective Ways to Gain Confidence

What did the old lady say to the young boy who used to wander alone searching for hope? She said, ‘be confident young man and everything will be at your feet.’

Come to think of it, isn’t it true? Confidence is the ultimate key to achieving what one wishes for, to regaining what has been lost and to starting all over again once everything has been finished.

Yes, it takes courage, will power and confidence for someone to take such bold steps in life and to come out even stronger than before.

However, you got to have what it takes in order to become stronger, wiser, successful and much more confident to fight against all odds.

In a wide crowd of people, there might be lots of them who don’t have enough confidence. They wouldn’t have the confidence to come up on stage, speak at the podium, voice their views, refute someone of theirs, participate in a meeting or even socialize amongst others.

Consequently, this is all because they think of themselves as not good enough and consider themselves to be lower than others. But always remember, there might be someone better than you but don’t let anyone overshadow your own true abilities.

Henceforth, if you consider yourself to be lacking in confidence then continue reading below as you’ll come across some amazing ways to gain that confidence from which you’ve been hiding since quite long.

01. Keep Yourself Happy

Whenever you feel low or the day seems blue, take out the list that you’ve prepared and be happy and grateful over the things that you have in your life. This is an answer over how to get rid of stress and will help you feel happy about the life you are living.

Moreover, always remember that life is not a bed of roses but by focusing more on the brighter part of life will make you a satisfied person which is much better than being a pessimist who lives a gloomy life and dies a gloomy death. So what you need to do is:

  • Create a list of things.
  • Term it as ‘great things of life.’
  • Then list down all of the things which make you happy.
  • All of the things which you’ve accomplished and you are proud over them.
  • List down friends, families, neighbors whom you consider as a blessing in your life.
  • You can add your pets too.
  • Write about the things you possess which make you happy.
  • Later, read them whenever you’re low and you’ll feel really good about life.

02. Learn to face Problems

This is the answer on how to get rid of stress. Don’t keep hiding from difficulties or problems but look at them in the eye and say that the confidence my God has given is much greater than you and that will be the sole thing which will help me to defeat you.

Never ever be a coward who runs away from problems and always puts the blame on others but be confident enough to face it, its repercussions and hence end up learning from what you’ve experienced.

Consequently, at the end of the day, your experience counts whilst not the failure which you’ve come across. Furthermore,

  • Never run away from difficulties.
  • Don’t try to find solace in others for it.
  • Try to solve the problems by yourself.
  • Learn from the problem you’ve faced and try not to repeat such as issue any further in life.
  • Most importantly, turn out to be much more confident by accepting your difficulties and issues.

03. Learn From Your Experiences

As they say, only the warrior falls during the battle and comes out much stronger in the end. Similar should be the case with you, everyone of y’all reading this.

Even if you came across failure, it clearly doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to achieving success. There are various success stories like Steve Job’s autobiography.

That man was so confident that even after leaving his own business firm he came out much stronger by building another one.

Therefore, he solely learnt from his failure which made him much more confident in order to end up more successful than before. Even you should:

  • Gain lessons from your failure.
  • Put them in working so that they help you in future.
  • Never turn back and always keep on moving forward.

04. Keep Negativity at Bay

Girls, how to get rid of stress? The answer is when you stay away from negativity, negative thoughts and negative people who inculcate adverse beliefs in you.

Ever thought of the fact that why women who are always suppressed, victims of domestic violence or the ones who are even verbally harassed lose confidence?

This is all because they are so much surrounded by negativity that the positivity in them gets destroyed whilst taking away their inner courage and confidence too.

So stop thinking that ‘I’m so fat’ ‘I’m not pretty’ ‘That girl in class is so classier than me’ ‘I don’t know how to talk that’s why I don’t tend to make friends’ and much more similar thoughts. So:

  • Eradicate all such thoughts from your mind.
  • Don’t think of yourself as lower than any other.
  • Stay around those people from whom you get positive vibes.
  • Never lose hope in anything.

05. Know Yourself

There was once an old man met a young girl who appeared to be a damsel in distress. She seemed to be in ultimate depression as she carried a pale face with evident dark circles and asked him how to get rid of stress?

The old man said to her that know your strengths and weaknesses, correct yourself where necessary and further polish yourself where required and you’ll end up being the most confident person on the planet.

Therefore, make a new rule of thumb that no matter whatever happens you’ll always believe in yourself and in all of your abilities as well as weaknesses.

Therefore, no one can judge you better but yourself or God; so cash this attribute of yours and make it for your own use.

Don’t hesitate to put these 5 lessons in effect. Once you gain confidence and head for your goals… anything is possible!

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