5 Reasons You Should Stop Depending on Others

Today we live in a world of materialization and money. Everyone is striving hard to run fast and win the rat race to make more money, and earn a better life style.

You can never completely depend on others neither emotionally nor financially or you will remain empty handed in the end. It is vital to remember that this is your life, and you have to work hard on your own to achieve your goals and to fulfill your dreams.

No one is going to take your hand and fill it with all the things you always wanted as a boy. There is no such thing in the real world as a free lunch, and you have to be realistic in order to make your life better.

This doesn’t mean that you should not make friendships or treat other people with respect and compassion. I only mean that you must manage your expectations of what you want to get out of your relationships with others.

When you start expecting too much from someone, things start getting extremely complicated and tempers flare. You can’t rely on others for everything, and of people where not to put on this earth to reach each and every expectations of yours, they have their own lives as well.

One of the biggest mistake’s we make in our lives is to expect too much from our friends and family, and when we eventually fail at something and they fail to fulfill our expectations up to the level we expect, we start blaming them for our failures, which is absolutely the wrong way to think about handling your life.

Again, this does not mean that you cannot receive help and guidance from others, it just means that it is vitally important to your success that you learn to rely on yourself for things more often than now.

There are a lot of reasons why one should not depend on others and there are strong advantages to self reliance in your life. Lets explore some of the advantages of being a self motivated self reliant individual.

Confidence Boost

When you rely to heavily on other people, you are always looking forward to someone to help them out in each and every matter of their lives, they can’t go out alone, and they can’t speak to others with confidence and couldn’t even make their own decisions properly.

This is a disastrous drawback of any person who couldn’t even make his own decisions in life. But if you stop depending on others, then eventually you start learning things on your own.

You can talk to strangers and other people confidently, and gradually your confidence level starts boosting. Plus, when you don’t rely on other anymore, you don’t expect things from other, and as a result you won’t get hurt in the end.

Being independent can make you happier, and less stressed than depending on others. You can make decisions of your life on your own, and it could lead to a really happy and a contented life.

Self Esteem and Creativity

Whenever in life you rely on others, people always try to demotivate you and makes you feel like you are overly needy and depending on them.

All these things could play a vital role in damaging your self-respect and self-esteem and you can go into a hiding shell of your degraded personality. But when you stop depending on others, you can take your own decisions, you can see things according to your own perspective and as a result your power of imagination and creativity also enhances.

All these things together gives you stronger feelings of self-esteem and you start valuing yourself more than ever.

Emotional Independence

People like to play with the feelings and emotions of those who couldn’t stand out for themselves, and couldn’t value their own personalities. But when you depend only on your own self, then you start valuing yourself, you develop stronger self-esteem, and confidence level, and you stop expecting so much from others.

As a result, you get emotional independent as well, in which you couldn’t get hurt on everything, and people couldn’t play with your emotions so easily. Emotional independence is a finest way to lead towards a happy life.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is one of the most important type of independence which plays a fundamental part in making and shaping a strong personality of a person.

When you depends on others for financial needs, you have to obey them and fulfill their conditions of life, which makes you more like a slave. But when you start believing in your own self, life become easier.

When you start depending on yourself for your financial needs, you can do whatever you want to do, you can go wherever you want to go and you can accomplish your dreams without having anyone in the way.

Financial independence is the most absolute way to feel the independence and to boost your confident in every field of life. It gives you feelings of security that you can depend on your own self whenever you are in a need, and you don’t have to beg anyone for money or anything.

Support Others

Life is all about helping others, and sharing happiness. When you become independent, financially and emotionally, then you don’t need other’s shoulders anymore. Instead you can support others, and can help your loved ones, and friends.

Giving and supporting others gives you more confidence. Being independent and supporting others are the most generous and happy feelings which gives you enough motivation to move on in life, and to struggle more for your independence.

Everyone should struggle to avoid depending on other. Being independent is a privilege of stronger people, who can have the will to fight with their own selves, and enough motivation to let go of the things.

Those who cling to their emotions, and keep on depending on others couldn’t move on properly in their lives, and couldn’t entirely become independent financially.

All the above reasons mentioned are enough to stop depending on others. If anyone is willing to prevent himself from getting hurt, then he should stop expecting and depending so much on others.

This is not as difficult as it looks, and one needs only a little will power and determination for being independent of such things.

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