7 Tricks to Stay Motivated

When work piles up like a mountain and deadlines loom, motivation and forward momentum can be difficult, to say the least.

As Sir Isaac Newton explained, bodies at rest tend to stay that way, but stopping them once they’re in motion is a difficult task.

So, how can those experiencing a lull in activity get their wheels turning again? Motivation, in reality, frequently necessitates a little searching.

After all, even some of the world’s most talented and driven individuals have had to find their own muses on occasion.

Here are seven tricks for motivating action so that a body at rest can get moving and gain the momentum needed to tackle whatever tasks lie ahead:

1.Define Goals Clearly

When the end goal is clear, getting from point A to point B becomes much less difficult.

This simple step removes the impediments in the middle. It makes them appear less difficult because the emphasis shifts to achieving the goal rather than the difficulties associated with the work in the middle.

2. Get the Blood Flowing

Long periods of work can have a negative impact on motivation.
Get up, go for a walk, move around, and get your blood pumping.

Even a brief break can recharge the batteries and inspire action, especially if the objectives are well defined.

3. Develop and Maintain Good Habits

It takes a lot of willpower to do something over and over again.
Motivation, on the other hand, is easy to find once the action has become a habit.

The key here is to begin by forming small, beneficial habits.

Those looking to improve their fitness level, for example, could begin by taking short walks.

When working on a large project, learning to work in brief but intense bursts can help you get ahead.

Repeat the actions as many times as necessary until they become as automatic as breathing, and then build on them.

4. Do Some Research

Take the time to thoroughly research a large project before embarking on it.

This will help ensure that expectations are firmly planted in reality while also assisting in the identification of obstacles that may stand in the way of achievement.

That initial burst of enthusiasm is more likely to occur throughout a project if you know what to expect and understand the challenges ahead.

5. Get Others Involved

When possible, enlist the assistance of others or use “peer pressure” to motivate yourself.

When someone else is involved, it is much easier to stay motivated.

This can also be used for work-related activities for those who want to spend more time at the gym.

After all, hard work doesn’t seem as difficult when you’re accompanied by a friend.

6. Stay Fit and Healthy

When you have a big project to complete, not staying physically fit can be a huge demotivator.

To keep the body operating at its peak, make sure to get plenty of sleep, eat well, and consider a regular exercise routine.

When the body is healthy and fit, it is much easier to stay motivated and focused.

7. Finish a Task … Any Task

Often, the most difficult part of confronting and completing a large project or goal is simply getting started.

With that in mind, finish any task related to the effort, no matter how small.

Once that first step is taken, motivation and a sense of accomplishment are likely to rise.

Motivation isn’t always easy to come by, but there are ways to boost it.
Try some of these tricks to stay motivated and keep your goals in sight.

Maintain your fitness and health by completing small tasks to gain momentum in the right direction.

That first goal will be met before long, and it will be time to move on to bigger and better things.

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