9 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

You got plenty of amazing ideas and suggestions. But during brainstorming, you tend to hold them back. You fear your team would find it ambitious or silly.

Or you want to post a YouTube video covering Sam Smith’s songs. But you’re too anxious about how people will react to it. Or you’re afraid to receive negative feedback and hate judgment.

From your interests to work, your poor self-confidence is always the one holding you back. True enough, you can’t boost your confidence overnight. But there are ways to boost your self-confidence.

1. Prep Yourself

A nice warm bath, a brow trim (for women), shaving, and other beauty and grooming treatment. These activities can do wonders for your self-image.

Treat yourself before going to bed and in the morning before you go to work or run errands. You will be surprised how much your mood can lighten up by grooming yourself before you start your day.

2. Dress Yourself Up

No, you’re not required to buy a $600 dress or coat to feel like a professional. Wear something nice that will make you feel confident with the way you look.

Don’t wear a pair of stinky and ripped jeans and shirt and complain you don’t feel confident. Be presentable. Dressing up is the easiest and quickest way to fire up your self-esteem.

3. Ditch Your Negative Thoughts

“I can’t raise this question, it might be wrong, or they might think it’s stupid”. “I’m afraid to eat/roam alone”, “I can’t do this”, “I might fail” etc.

Help yourself achieve your goals – whether big or small – by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Instead of telling yourself “you can’t do it”, find out ways to do it, motivate yourself. If you’re working out, think “If Chris Pratt did it, so can I!”

4. Think Positive

Next time you go out in search of a job. Or waiting for your business proposal to get approved. Getting picked to be the leader of your team and whatnot.

Listen to your mom when she says “think positive”. Nothing more can help you feel great about yourself than thinking positively.

5. Be Assertive

You are entitled to your own opinions, and you have the right to voice out your concerns, what is right and wrong. If you find yourself stuck in a situation at work.

For instance, the discussion between you and your team is against your own principles. Stand up and don’t agree against your will. Do not get pressured and go along with social conformity.

6. Keep a Good Posture

Yes, the instant confidence booster. Try sitting straight or standing tall. You will almost immediately feel empowered and in control of your setting.

Your mood will lighten up and lift itself when your stature is lifted as well. So the next time you catch yourself slouching, straighten up!

7. Jump Out of Your Box

Just in case you need a reminder, set yourself free. Free from stress, free from anxiety, and most importantly, free from your safe zone.

Make a list of things you want to do that you are apparently afraid to do so. Then, do it! Simple as that. Acknowledge your fears and take risks.

8. Be Yourself

People have different perceptions of you. This is the fact of life. You cannot control them to think of you as the person you want them to think you are.

You are what you think your reputation is to some, but not all. It is okay to be yourself, do not act like you are someone else just to feel confident. Live how you feel it is right to live.

9. Smile

The most important accessory of all to fire up your confidence is by wearing a smile. By showing off your smile, you can simply fix your nerves and transition to a more relaxed feeling.

Shake off the stress and negative vibrations in your body. Wear a proud smile and let it reflect your confidence.

Gaining and being more confident is not a one-night process. It will take days or weeks to boost self-confidence. It is done and accomplished in a step-by-step manner.

If you swear by these ways, it will help you conquer the hindrance that limits you to boost your self-esteem. Implement these ways, and you will soon see how much these will solve your confidence issues.

Aside from helping you boost your confidence, these will also help you towards living a fulfilling life.

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