Creating Your Personalized Motivation Yearly Plan

Regardless of where you are in your life, it is never too late to have colossal goals.

Whether it’s a promotion or a vacation you’re yearning for, setting up yearly goals is helpful because it allows you to have inspiration for the whole year.

If you’re in a rough patch, just revisit your goals and soon you will reignite the drive within you to keep going.

Here are some ways on how to create a personalized motivational yearly plan that will yield fruitful results.

Define and Phrase Your Goals in an Inspiring Way

What are the things that you plan to accomplish for this year?

Don’t hold back with details. If you write down specific targets, you’ll be able to come up with tailored strategies.

After defining your goals, phrase them in a way that inspires you. Compare the following goals;

“I want to start a blog.”

“I want to share my business expertise on a blog, connect with readers from various countries, and help other people by providing valuable information about my field.”

While these goals are the same, the first one is vague and does not stir motivating feelings. The second version, on the other hand, is specific and vivid.

Reading it makes you imagine the outcome of having a blog. When defining your goals, write them in a way that will excite you and trigger you to act.

Break Down Goals Into Smaller Chunks

Once you’re done with your list, it is normal to feel intimidated.

The key to creating a motivational yearly plan is to break down your goals into four parts. Each part should represent each quarter in a year.

Schedule each goal accordingly. Break down the smaller goals into even smaller goals.

Breaking down your goals into smaller chunks can motivate you for you will see that your plans are feasible after all.

Set Weekly KPI

After dividing your goals into smaller steps, establish weekly activities which you can perform.

Only when you have precise steps can you make genuine progress towards your goals.

For example, if you are keen on developing a blog, set specific activities such as choosing a blog platform today, contacting web designers tomorrow, and drafting a content calendar the day after tomorrow.

Track Your Progress

Your effort will go down the drain if you are unable to keep an eye on your progress.

Apart from embracing the correct attitude, review the things you’ve done and check what you can further do to improve your actions.

If you are making progress, it will also help to reward yourself from time to time. Anything that rocks your boat can be deemed as a treat whether it’s a new book or a visit to the spa.

With the right motivation yearly plan, you’ll make your journey towards your goals fun and productive.

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