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Make your Wedding Extra Special and Memorable with the Right Wedding Favors

Just like the love you’re celebrating with your wedding, the value of your wedding favors don’t turn on how much money they cost or how fancy their brand labels may be. Wedding favors don’t have to cost an arm and a leg because their real value isn’t measured by the number of digits on a price tag or measured by the status star power of the department store you bought them from. Instead, their value comes from how well they sum up the specialness of the bond you’re celebrating.

Weddings celebrate the love of a couple. Everything in the wedding celebration must reflect this otherwise your wedding celebration would basically be just too commercial, too overproduced, and lack that extra special something that makes for great memories. Seriously. This is why you need to be extra careful when planning all the details of your wedding-and this includes your choice of wedding favors.

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(The good news: there is no right or wrong answers regarding wedding favor choice)

The good news about planning, selecting, and shopping for wedding favors is that there are no absolutely right or wrong answers. There is no cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all answer to your wedding favor needs. Why? Every couple is different. Every couple’s collection of family members and friends is different. Every couple differs from all other couples looking to get married.

The ‘right choice’ is necessarily a reflection of the ideas, values, and wishes of the couple being married. Keep this in mind. Steer clear of any ‘wedding favor guide’ that dictates a specific direction you should take. The general rule you should follow is if the suggestion doesn’t reflect the wedding couple’s wishes, dreams, or values, it is not the right fit.

Start with Wedding Favor Categories

With all that said, the best way to find the best wedding favors for your very special day is to go through the many different themes and categories of wedding favors and go from there. You can start on the category level and look for customized wedding favors that reflect your tastes, your ideas, or your wishes. Regardless of what you do, your wedding favors must always reflect both of your personalities. This is the most important consideration and is too often overlooked by wedding planners or event planners. There are no two ways about it-your whole wedding (and everything that goes into it)-must reflect both your personalities.

Common Wedding Favors

Edible Favors

These wedding favors are items your guests can eat, drink, or ingest. The most common edible favors are candies. Candies make for great favors because they are very compact, can be repackaged, and can be quite yummy. They don’t take up much space. Also, they don’t weigh all that much. Many candies are also very colorful and visually appealing.

Another very popular choice for edible favors is a package of chocolate. Chocolate candy pieces share many of the advantages of candy favors: small, compact, can be shaped, and yes, they are oh-so-tasty. What makes chocolate extra popular is that there is a long traditional link between chocolate and romance. It is the classic romantic comfort food.

If you are looking for a more ‘do it yourself’ approach to your wedding favors or a ‘down home’ feel to your favors, try cookies. Usually, when people give each other unpackaged, home-baked cookies, the recipient can’t help but feel that you went the extra mile. After all, baking is no joke. Baking cookies that turn out yummy and great-looking takes a lot of attention to detail and precision. Most people appreciate this and this is why they feel quite flattered that you have gone all out and baked something extra special for them. There is an unmistakable extra ‘personal’ touch with wedding favor cookies.

If cookies are too light for you, you might want to add a little extra touch to the hand-wrapped cookie packages you’re handing out by adding frosting to the cookies or stepping up and offering cupcakes instead. While full-blown cakes are a bit too much (not to mention too expensive), cupcakes are small enough to be light and easily transportable-exactly the kind of qualities you would want in any prospective edible wedding favor.

If candies, chocolate, cookies, and cupcakes or other solid food items strike you as, well, impractical or bulky, try handing out packages of gourmet coffee beans. If you want a wedding favor that reeks of elegance, sophistication, and ‘cool,’ giving out gourmet coffee bean sachets or small bags will definitely do it. Keep in mind that giving out drinkable wedding favors is all about presentation. Make sure you use the right packaging. You might want to use a small burlap bag for the beans or a cut piece of bamboo for special tea. In the case of wedding favors you drink, the packaging of the favor is just as important, if not more important, than the actual flavor of the drinkable items you are handing out.

Wearable Wedding Favors

Another very popular wedding favor category are wearables. These are light, small, pieces of clothing accessories you wear. Here are just some of the most popular wearables you might want to consider giving out for your very special day.


Scarves are far and away the easiest wearables to give away because they are light, they fold very well, and they can come in many custom colors. Scarves are very versatile and can be quite sophisticated without costing you an arm and a leg. In fact, thanks to imported scarves, you can give out silk scarves that come in a wide range of colors and textures without having to burn through your wedding budget. There are bulk discounts available on scarves.

The best thing about scarves is that they come in so many designs and colors. This truly helps out a lot when it comes to making sure your giveaways mirror the theme, the colors, and the ambiance of your wedding. It is no surprise that scarves are very popular favors-they not only look great, they add extra ‘spice’ to your wedding’s ambiance, and they can look quite exotic.


Pashminas are small handkerchief-type pieces of cloth. They are very popular because they are small, inexpensive, and can come in a wide range of styles and colors. This diversity really helps out a lot because there are many pashmina designs that look really elegant but don’t cost all that much. In fact, there are many pashminas that are made with exotic cloths that don’t burn a hole through your wallet. They look very elegant, rare, and alluring-without the premium pricing you’d expect from such a ‘luxury’ item.


You can give away specially-designed sunglasses. While these aren’t as popular as chocolates or scarves, they can look quite fun and ‘cool.’ At the very least, giving out sunglasses at your wedding makes your wedding more memorable and noteworthy because wedding couples don’t regularly hand out protective eye wear during their wedding.

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Make no mistake about it, if you want your guests to talk about your wedding a long time after the event, you might want to throw people for a loop and offer a wedding favor that looks unusual yet is very practical. Keep in mind that if you are thinking of offering sunglasses, make sure they are customized. Try to offer sunglasses that are engraved or have some sort of marking commemorating your wedding. At the very least, pick glasses that have the same colors as your wedding motif.

Plant or Living Wedding Favors

Another fairly popular category of wedding favors are plant or wedding favors. The big draw of this type of favor is that it is packed with symbols. Above all else, handing out a living plant at your wedding gives your visitors a way to track the growth, in terms of years, of your marriage. They only need to plant the plant you gave away and they can track how long you’ve been married.

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Giving away plants is also practical because many of your guests wouldn’t mind having an extra houseplant to take care of. The houseplant can add extra color or an extra element to their interior spaces.

If you’re thinking of giving away plant wedding favors, you might want to try giving away herbs. The great thing about this type of living wedding giveaway is that they can be trimmed down to a small compact size. The more compact a living wedding favor is, the more flexible it can be, the more wedding event themes it can accommodate.

Herbs make for great favors because they are also very practical. For example, if the person you gave an herb plant to is an avid cook, they would remember your wedding when they pinch off a leaf to add to the dish they are preparing in their kitchen.

In addition to the taste of herbs, they can also look really good. As long as you get nice decorative pots and you can get the plants pruned the right way, your herb wedding favors can be great-looking as well as practical giveaways.

Another great wedding favor idea is to give away seed packets. The obvious meaning, of course, is that you are celebrating the ‘seed planting’ of a marriage. Seeds stand for new beginnings. There is a certain hopefulness and a sense of possibility with seeds. They make for great symbolic wedding favors but they are also very practical.

The best choices of wedding favor seed giveaways are common flowers like daisies or practical edible plants like tomatoes. The secret to giving away seed packages as part of your wedding favors or as the main favors is, of course, packaging. You don’t want to just get a package of seeds and give them out in their commercial packaging. Talk about tacky and inappropriate. You need to come up with new packaging for them. You also need to include instructions. The more rustic or ‘farm authentic’ the packaging, the more special your seed giveaway looks. Regardless, there should be a note that comes with the seeds that explain the symbolism of this giveaway choice.

Discount Coupons and Similar Favors

The final category of wedding favors I’d like to discuss is the very common ticket or discount coupon category. If you are a very practical couple, one of the most practical wedding giveaways you can hand out during your nuptials is a small envelope with discount coupons. Of course, you might want to deck out the envelope with special pictures or a ribbon or two and a commemorative note. Once the guest opens the package, they will find something very practical inside-they will find a discount coupon.

When picking out which kind of discount coupon to hand out, you have to make sure it reflects a discount on a product you both find interesting. For example, if you both love Mexican food, you can give away a $20 or $50 gift certificate at a Mexican restaurant you both enjoy. What’s important is that you don’t just give out a discount coupon for its sake. There has to be some sort of connection to both of your interests. Your guests are sure to appreciate this type of coupon giveaway because it is practical.

One increasingly popular variation of discount coupon or coupon giveaways works in reverse-a charity receipt. Basically, you both pick out a charity or cause that is near and dear to both your hearts. You make a decent-sized donation, say $500. The charity can give out receipts that are split up into smaller parts like $5 chunks. You then give your wedding recipients the receipts. The donations would be made in their name. This is a great idea for couples who are very concerned about environmental and other causes.

Make no mistake about it when it comes to wedding favors, the only limit is both of your imaginations. However, it is always a good idea to start your search for the ideal wedding giveaway by considering categories and customizing from there.

The best part about all the wedding favor ideas above is that they don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket. We have many more budget-friendly wedding favor options.

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