How to Write a Successful Job Application

Getting a new job may be rather tough with the way how things are around the world.

More so if you have no experience in job searching or the last time you’ve been looking for a new job was a couple of years ago.

Of course, you understand some basic ideas of successful job searching. You update your LinkedIn profile, add ‘open for opportunities’ status. Add your CV to job marketplaces, and send it to the companies that have vacancies.

The only thing that you’ve missed is writing an application letter.

Most applicants do not even understand the importance of writing a job application.

Yet, if you know how to write a successful letter, you increase your chances of getting a job. It works in the following way.

The company receives your CV and additionally it gets a letter where you tell them why exactly you want to work for them. More importantly, why they need to hire you.

An application letter is perhaps the only thing that can help you distinguish yourself from other applicants.

But, to get all the benefits from this letter, you need to understand how to write it correctly.

We’ve decided to analyze how to write an application letter and how to do that most beneficially.

An application letter as a tool to attract attention

As noted above, that application letter is perhaps the best tool for distinguishing yourself among other applicants.

Most people follow the same pattern of applying for a job: they send a CV and wait for a response.

They do not even change details in their CV to suit different positions. They include everything they know and can do to the resume, and expect that someone will like the list of their skills.

No doubt it brings the desired results. But it takes more time to find an employer who will read the entire CV and define the qualities suitable for the position.

If you want to save time and find a new job quickly, you need to implement an advanced approach to the process.

First of all, always check whether your CV information corresponds to the requirements of the position.

Change your CV such that your skills and personal characteristics show that you are the best applicant for this position.

Add an application letter to describe how you can use your skills and knowledge to succeed in this position.

Bear in mind you cannot use the same application letter for different positions! Do make adjustments whenever necessary.

An application letter should be personalized and cover all demands and requirements of the job vacancy.

3 basic steps to writing an application letter

Now, let us define how exactly you should write an application letter to succeed.

Make some preparations

To write an effective application letter, you need to prepare first.

First of all, write down the requirements for the position and your skills.

Thus, you can compare your expertise to the job description. Understand your strong and weak points taking into consideration the job requirements.

After that, you need to prepare the paper where you will write the letter itself. At the top of the letter, include your name, contact information, and the position which interests you.

In this way, you make the job easier for the HR manager. Naturally, this increases your chance to stand out from the rest. Also, include the information to whom you are writing.

The next thing to do is to address the receiver. Check whether the position description has the hiring manager’s name.

Get ready for writing

Any piece of writing should start with a strong first sentence and an application letter is not an exception.

You need to capture the attention of a person with the first words. At the same time, you need to stick to the idea that this is an application letter, not an essay.

It is better to start your letter with the statement that you are glad to apply for this position or get a chance to work at this company.

You should specify why the position attracted you and why you think you will be a great asset to the company.

Also, you should demonstrate that you know at least something about the company, its products, or its services.

Also, make it a point is to mention in your application letter where you found the information about the position.

Now, the most interesting part starts. At this point, you need to explain why exactly you are the best candidate for the position.

Here, you need to introduce your skills and expertise to show that you can cope with the tasks.

If you do not have enough competence in some things, do not be afraid to include this information in your letter.

The job descriptions include the requirements for an ideal candidate. But the company is ready to hire a person who meets 5 or 6 out of 10 those requirements.

To enhance your application letter, you should include a list of your achievements. It is always better to write what you have already done than what you can do.

For example, you may always write: I was responsible for developing strategies for email marketing. But it is far better to be specific: I launched 5 email campaigns and increased the average open rate of the letter from 3% to 25%. This demonstrates your competence and skill level more effectively.

Do not forget to demonstrate how your personal qualities assisted you in your achievements.

Again, you need to support each of your characteristics with examples.

For example, if you want to show you have great experience in leadership, excellent communication skills, and can organize the work of a team. Describe in your application letter the projects we were involved with and what results that brought.

If you have zero experience in leading a team, include the experience you had in college, university, or even high school.

All your previous achievements matter if we talk about an application to your dream job.

Check your letter for mistakes

This is the last but not the least important step in writing the job application.

You need to check your application letter to make sure there are no spelling mistakes that can spoil the impression from your letter.

You can use apps and websites that help to make the text better. For example, Grammarly can check spelling and grammar mistakes and suggest some improvements for your text. The free version is good enough.

To sum up, writing an application letter is an important step neglected by many. It will have a positive influence on your further communication with an employer.

That is why you need to do everything possible to write an effective letter to save you time on the job search. I hope you find this article useful.

If you like it, please consider sharing it to help me and this new site out. Thank you and good luck.